Trapéz  Martaval

What is a Trapeze?

The trapeze is made up of a metal bar, suspended horizontally by two ropes attached at each end. And yes, you can fly with the trapeze, it's an aerial discipline.

What can we do?

On the trapeze you can swing from the bar, called beats or tempos and do pretty figures or shapes on the bar and ropes. You can also do dynamic, slow and artistic movements.

Do I have to be a superhero to do trapeze?

No not at all! But you do need to have a certain body consciousness which will help you. We will work on it.


How will the lessons be?

In the classes we will work on strength, technique, resistance and creativity. Each session will have a warm-up, a physical condition section, a technical part and a stretching to finish.

What about the teacher?

Marta Matovelle started practicing trapeze as an amateur in Valencia in 2017. The following year she started her professional training in Circus Techniques at the Valencian Circus Association, specialising in Trapeze.




Adults (15+)

Wednesday: 18:30 - 20:00.


Kids (7-15 years old):

Wednesday: 17:00 - 18:00





Daily ticket: 3 200 HUF

Pass for 5 classes: 14 000 HUF



Daily ticket: 2 800 HUF

Pass for 5 classes: 12 000 HUF

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