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About us 



INspirál Circus Center is unique in its existence because it offers a home for all the various circus disciplines. Besides being an art form, circus itself became an innovative tool for social work and special education, and an effective instrument in the hands of informal pedagogy and recreational sport activities.

The mission and everyday life of INspirál Circus Center is fueled and influenced by the spirit of the Contemporary Circus movement, offering events and courses to a broad audience of the general public and professionals.

It is an open community space for enthusiasts of the circus and moving arts.



Within the framework of so-called residency programs international artists and companies have been hosted here by allowing them to participate in a 1-3 weeks long, intense creative process.

These collaborations further strengthen our already existing international connections.

However witnessing the creative work of well known or emerging young artists has a great impact on the development of local performers as well. Lately the idea of residency programs became a really important way to support artists all around Europe. So does the Center by partaking in this movement and advocating for international circus arts.

Besides working with concrete companies and projects the Center has been nurturing collaborations and interdisciplinary pieces by placing a private and cosy space at their disposal.

In the period of 2016 to 2020 INspirál has provided free rehearsal possibilities for 6 companies.


INspirál Circus Center is a place for circus artists and performers from different fields of moving arts. The outstanding artistic value of its mission lies in the fact that it provides a place for local, independent circus artists and companies, making it possible to create freely, to develop ideas, to rehearse shows and to train on a daily basis. 9 companies use this venue regularly for rehearsals. Over the years it has given more than 1000 training hours to other artists and guest projects.

Having a separate hall with a headroom of 8 meters is a great help for all companies, allowing them to create in ideal conditions and store their costumes and equipment on site.

During the period of 2016 to 2020, 27 shows “were born” here, created by 9 resident companies, and around 25 other productions were rehearsed within these walls. The pieces created here are performed at many venues such as Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, at several local and international festivals and on international circus tours.



Creative events for creative people! 


INspirál has been organising multiple events where members of the circus arts field (performers, directors, the audience!, students, teachers, musicians, scenic designers, youth workers, academic experts, critics, etc.) and professional or non-professional representatives of other, related arts can engage, think together, debate and showcase their creations to each other.

Examples of such events:

Open Stage: an event where ideas and new acts can be performed and tested in front of the general audience.

Scratch Night: an evening presenting longer piece or a shorter part of a work-in-progress, which is followed by a discussion with the audience, offering professional feedback regarding the performances . 

Convention: 2-3 days long circus themed gathering which consists of several organised workshops by professionals, open stage, free training and engaging with the community.

Thanks to these international projects, artists and professionals from almost all European countries visited the space and spent several days working on their art.


 INspirál has also launched and managed several conventions, conferences and academic forums discussing circus related questions.

To this day the Center has been home to 11 Open Stages, 5 Scratch Nights, 5 Conventions, a Cirkeuropa Project and many more events connected to moving arts.  



INspiral is offering a wide range of activities like workshops, training courses and occasional classes for a huge audience, fulfilling the needs of both amature child groups and professional members of performing arts.


In the variety of weekly courses the visitor can find:
Artistic movement and acrobatics, contemporary dance, trampoline, rehearsals of the Youth Company of INspirál.

From the list of occasional courses you can pick workshops held by Hungarian and international artists: character building, clowning, methods of creation and other topics from the field of performing arts.

Besides the previously mentioned possibilities you can also participate in occasional master classes led by professional companies performing in Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.

Since its opening in 2016 more than 100 artistic courses have found its place under the roof of INspirál Circus Center.

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